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Rnn Mission

Our mission is to educate, promote, and report on the positive growth that results when moving towards a more sustainable future that embraces environmental quality, economic prosperity, and social capital and equity in what we do. These principles are considered the three pillars of sustainability and we believe that these principals can be applied not only business and government, but also in our personal daily lives.

There exists tremendous opportunities when it comes to embracing sustainability, opportunities that will result in creating millions of new jobs, reducing poverty, and most importantly maintaining a healthy environment in which to live, and RNN is a driving force behind helping it grow.

Rnn Philosophy

Our philosophy when it comes to sustainability is to apply it first within ourselves. It is essential that each of us lives a balanced and fulfilling life that first makes sure we are healthy enough to contribute in a positive way. Second, we consider ways of helping others and sharing our values. Third, we take initiatives in putting our philosophy to work by creating tangible results.

When put into practice this allows each of us the ability to make a positive difference that is shared, appreciated, and replicated. This practice eventually creates a social bond that is good for the individual (both heart and soul) and the good for the entire planet.

RNN Creation

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March 20, 2012

The creation of RNN was inspired March 20, 2012 when professionals from the business community and educational community met with professionals in television, cable , radio, and new media technologies to focus on what was to be a one time special to hi light the Green Economy, which they believe was going to be the next great growth opportunity.

Today, 2017

In 2017 after five years of covering hundreds of events, producing hundreds of radio and television specials the network officially changed it’s name to RNN as it continues to grow along with new opportunities with new media technologies.

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