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Please enjoy this RNN’s Profiles in Health and Wellness featured guest Otto Liebmann who is a Chief Instructor of Aikido Kokikai in Providence, RI. Otto shares how he got involved in martial arts as a kid because he got bullied a lot. He began practicing Aikido in college because it fit his life philosophy at the time. “It is effective self defense with the ability to achieve harmless conflict resolution.” Otto eventually met Maruyama Sensei founder of Aikido Kokikai in New York City and became a student of his. Kokikai Aikido techniques are based on four basic principles: 1) Keep one point which means keep your center of gravity, 2) Have correct posture, 3) Relax progressively, relax with intention, 4) Positive mind. Aikido training incorporates techniques that are open hand self-defense, defense against weapons and practices that utilize a wooden stick (jo) and sword (bokken). Kokikai Aikido training also includes ki development exercises. On a more advanced level, there is a healing practice that involves ki called kitsu.

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