Renewable Construction

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It is inevitable that the way we build our homes, cities, and communities have to change, but we must ensure we are truly building towards the future while still celebrating and learning from our past.

If one can only imagine if the city of Rome, Italy decided after WWII, with the Marshall Plan, that part of their revitalization for their city was to tear down the coliseum and build a brand new sports complex, or metro center in it’s place, what do you think  would have happened?    Prosperous you say…no government in their right mind would destroy their history. It has happened in the last century; Joesph Stalin did it after WWII as he tore down some of Russia’s greatest historical buildings and churches. Today, these same buildings and churches that today would have been economic engines of tourism, such as the Roman Coliseum. The coliseum is a perfect example of how sustainable urban planning can create a renewable resource that is a major economic engine.

Renewable Construction likes to use this example because it shows the possibilities when we take a step back and plan for how we construct our future societies. We can see an immediate need for this kind of sustainable building in our society today, especially given that the construction sector in the United States alone accounts for 97 quads of energy – or nearly 19% of global energy consumption! Whether it is the materials in our homes, the buildings we design, or just wise urban planning, here we help you learn the smarter way of truly constructing a smarter future.

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