Sustainable Materials

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Remember the story of the three little pigs? First, a house of straw, then another of sticks, and lastly, a third of bricks? Well, even though the brick house saved our three little friends from the wolf, it cannot save today’s society from the lack of sustainability in the construction materials industry.

One of the cornerstones to moving towards a better method of construction comes all the way down to the actual material being used in the building process. When designers, and architects begin considering how they are going to approach the project they have been commissioned for, they have a lot to consider. Everything from positioning their design, how to take advantage of certain government incentives, to making it affordable are all the responsibility of these designers and architects. Efforts are already being made to use recyclable products in construction, which can save builders billions of dollars across the world, at the same time lessening the negative environmental impact of a typical construction project.

One big thing that a good firm does is evaluating the materials that are being used in the construction itself. In today’s world it is an exciting time, as there are plenty of new materials and resources that have been created to make buildings and homes both greener and more sustainable. It is becoming the social responsibility of builders to promote the use of sustainable materials, and prove to consumers there are plenty of reasons to do so. With Sustainable Materials we hope to introduce you to some of the resources that are available for not only new projects, but also for retrofitting existing homes, and buildings.

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