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Entrepreneurs, what would our society be without those individuals who take risks, those who dream, those who have a vision, passion, and the drive to see their ideas come to fruition? In today’s world, there is great potential for green entrepreneurs who can find the next great innovation to solving our problems. According to a report published by WWF ,

“The population of the world is now 7 billion and is estimated to be 9 billion by 2050. Our emissions of greenhouse gases will, potentially, drive the global average temperature up by 2 to 4 degrees centigrade or beyond.”

This fact is just one area with many opportunities for entrepreneurs to help find solutions while achieving their vision.

These unique people also provide inspiration for many other aspiring entrepreneurs who hope to emulate their success and accomplishments.

Entrepreneurs, many of whom risk everything, make personal sacrifices and put it all on the line in hopes of not only bettering the way we do things but also how we go about our daily lives. Here at the Green Entrepreneur, we celebrate those individuals by showcasing and profiling their ideas and how they are evolving in the green economy.

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