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Sustainable energy and green stocks have exploded on the public markets – from just a couple dozen to the many hundreds we see today. According to a report by UNEP on the Green Economy and the potential that exists when investing in it, they wrote,

“Under the GER modeling exercise, a green investment scenario achieves higher annual growth rates than a business as usual scenario within 5-10 years.”

– UNEP, 2/21/15

Do you want to know what, and where to invest in and how to create a diversified green portfolio for yourself or for your clients? Well here at Investing Green we help to research, profile and understand the trends that are shaping the opportunities within the green market sector. We’ll profile leading green portfolio managers, fund experts and business leaders who will help shed light on what might just be your next clean investment.

So join us here for Investing Green, where you can secure your future both financially, and environmentally by supporting the green market sector.

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