A new report says that using wood pellets to generate low-carbon electricity is a highly flawed policy
Astronomers have discovered seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a single star – a record number.
A third runway at Heathrow can only be justified if it does not breach climate change laws, MPs say.

Law of Sustainability

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With the tremendous potential that comes with the green economy also comes many challenges such as managing environmental policies, corporate contracts, manufacturing agreements, and so on. The Green Economy is going to also require a great deal of understanding when it comes to the rule of law the essence of which will help bind all of us together in understanding what it is going to take to move forward in a clear and concise manner that will allow our efforts and interests to be protected and remain safe.

Sustainable Law will help shine the light on some of the cutting edge issues that will challenge us, and how we may go about managing them before they become unmanageable. We will also provide our visitors with the opportunity to get to know some of the leading professionals when it comes to environmental law and how they have made their mark when it comes to the Green Economy.

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