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Arts and Culture may be one of the most important resources we have when it comes to sustainability. Why you may ask? It’s simple, Arts and Culture are what feed the human soul with the ability to dream and hope, that provide the creativity for self-expression that brings us altogether.

Notions of sustainable value must be utilized on both the inputs and outputs of Arts and Culture. On the input side, we must sustainably source our materials for art and must act responsible when hosting or attending cultural events. On the output side, it is important to apply the creativity of the human spirit to innovative ways to bring sustainability into our daily lives.

Arts and Culture are also a clean natural resource that when harnessed and managed correctly can provide jobs and be economic stimulators for a community, as well as educational resources. Across America today, we are seeing once abandoned theater houses becoming revitalized and being put to good use as homes to artists, set builders, and many others. Here at RNN, we want to share all these great success stories, and profile the people who are helping to keep the arts alive and healthy for all of us to enjoy.

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