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If we are going to ever achieve a greener earth on a global scale, people from each and every country around the globe must come together and work to clean our planet.

New environmental agreements, such as the Paris Agreement created by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, work to fight for a greener planet and ensure the long-term health of our common home. Over 194 member countries of the UN signed the agreement in 2015, and now over 122 have ratified it. By 2020, the participating counties will begin the economic and social task of fighting greenhouse gas emissions with the goal to keep global average temperatures below 2 degrees higher than preindustrial levels. This issue seems to be one of the only global problems almost all countries recognize the need to fight, and we can join them by individually fighting to be Globally Greener.

Here on Global Green, RNN readers can stay updated on the global environmental climate and how different countries are responding to the international push for a cleaner planet.

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