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Welcome to RNN GREENZINE – our fresh, informative, and engaging new monthly ezine that focuses on sustainability. RNN GreenZine celebrates the best of the best by showcasing the three pillars of sustainability – social, environmental and economic. Explore “Green in the City,” our humorous column written by award-winning writer Annette Racond, as she shares her adventures of living green in New York City. Learn about progressive businesses that are helping the planet while increasing profits. Become acquainted with innovative ways to nourish your mind, body and soul through leading a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. We reach consumers – from Baby Boomers to Generation X to Millennials – along with corporate, academic, and philanthropic innovators and thought leaders eager to explore a new spin on going green. The frontrunners in this expansive field are blazing a trail to help others embrace their own best practices and their commitment to the environment. RNN GreenZine aims to be the leading authority and marketplace for anything and everything green. We hope you find each issue of RNN GreenZine to be inspiring and instrumental to leading healthy lives both personally and professionally – all while helping to heal our planet.

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