Renewable Living

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Renewable Living may be the broadest of all the topics here on RNN, and it is certainly one of the most important. Every day, the way we chose to live our lives as individuals has drastic impacts on our environment and common home.

        “So choosing a life of love requires a lot of work – a lot of rethinking – a lot of soul searching. The question we have to answer in every choice we make is: how loving do we really want to be? And how inclusive do we want to be in our love?”

– Global Stewards.

The daily decisions we make, from what to eat, to how we spend our free time can have severe consequences on our own bodies and on our environment. The renewable living market is massive, and the way we decide to live our lives has the potential to impact the success of companies we patronize. Expanding at this pace, the reusable water bottle market, which valued at US $7.04 bn in 2015, is expected to surpass US $10.19 bn by 2024. By working towards a more renewable lifestyle, we ensure we are not using an unfair share of our natural resources, while at the same time promoting an overall healthier and greener version of ourselves.

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