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Designing for Sustainability

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Designing for Sustainability is the show that profiles outstanding Green Architects and Designers from all over the world and the projects they are involved with that exemplify building green.

The show is hosted by renowned architect, planner, and designer Ken Filarski. Ken is no stranger when it comes to building and creating eco-smart projects. He is the founder and principal of FILARSKI/ARCHITECTURE+PLANNING+RESEARCH, an award winning, integrated ecology studio and research workshop. Ken is a futurist traveling well beyond horizons – while respecting the context of history and present day patterns. He sees and crafts the BIG PICTURE with the BIG IDEAS and the small details that make things work.

Along with profiling the architects and their works, the show also will be profiling City Planners who are thinking green and sustainable with their city projects, and companies, manufacturers, and inventors who are producing the sustainable and green materials that are being used in the very construction of these green projects.

So whether you’re a seasoned architectural professional or an enthusiast of all things green you’ll won’t want to miss Ken Filarski and Designing for Sustainability, the one resource when it comes to learning about the greener side of design and the assets needed, that are helping to build smarter.

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