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Every person on earth has the right to vibrant and dynamic health yet during this critical and challenging time in our planet’s evolution people’s personal time is being demanded by their professional lives, family needs, or their economic situations. Because of this, it is becoming hard to carve out time to research ways and resources to improve one’s health or that of a loved one you may be caring for.

Well, here at RNN’s Profiles in Health and Wellness we’ve done all the research and heavy lifting when it comes to exploring and informing our listeners of all the wonderful services, products, and resources available for living a balanced and healthy life.

Hosted by longtime practitioner of holistic health and Talk Show Host, Ed Cardinal, this series will profile health practitioners, nutritious food, herbs/supplements, fitness/health products and a whole lot more.

For Ed, this is his personal vision, an opportunity to make a difference by helping others. To awaken and empower the full potential of our audience’s mind, body, and soul.

Your journey to wholeness is attainable. Sustainability begins from within, now it’s up to you to seek it and live it.

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