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Green Machines is the place RNN views can come to see the true impact of sustainable devices in our everyday recreational lives. From go-karts to electric boats, drones to hoverboards, Green Machines gives you the scoop of the fun and sustainable devices coming to our consumer market.

Green Machines allow the everyday adventurous consumer to reduce their impact on our environment without affecting their lifestyle. Everyday, hundreds of millions of individuals across the globe enjoy outdoor recreational activities, but these are not always the best things we can be doing for our environment. Fuel from ATV’s, boats, and motorcycles make their way into our groundwater and waterways due to improper usage and maintenance of these devices. Each year, there is a reported $646 billion in outdoor recreation spending in the US alone. If, as a country, we shift even 10% of these spending to greener outdoor recreation activities, we can make a tremendous positive impact on our environment and the social opinion of being green while still enjoying traditional outdoor recreational activities.

Join us here on RNN where we will showcase the greenest, cleanest, outdoor recreation machines that both supply enjoyment for the user as well as leaving a positive impact on our common home.

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