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How do you power up in the morning? RNN’s, “Power Up,” is where science meets creativity and we really see innovation taking place at a rapid scale.

When we talk about transportation, even when discussed at the most basic level, walking, we must consider use of energy that drives the process. For humans, it is the calories we consume that energize our system so that we my get around and live our daily lives. When it comes to our energy sources for our vehicles, though, traditionally it has been fossil fuels that have driven the combustion engine that moved us around. Well today there are many exciting alternatives that are already in good use, from biofuels, electricity, propane and even more efficient fuels, believe it or not. Today, over 20% of fuel used globally are considered sustainable, and this number is only expected to grow annually as the global community begins to see the dire necessity to wean away from fossil fuels. Wind energy alone could provide 80,000 new jobs and $1.2 billion in new income for farmers and rural landowners by 2020, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Here we will introduce you to the companies and people who are leading the way when it comes creating the alternative energy sources we need to help us get to where we are going.

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