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 From the spectacular F1 alternative Formula E to the Drayson B10 Le Mans prototype to the ReFuel 2017 annual clean power event held at Laguna Seca, e-competition is white-hot!  Pikes’ Peak Hill Climb, rallying, drag racing, ice racing, the Isle of Man E-Motorcycle Race, whatever the genre, motor sports have embraced the current e-technology with a vengeance.  Proof? The 3,000 horsepower Venturi VBB-3 ran 341/peak 358mph at Bonneville!  

Far removed from the latest trend, electric power is an exciting & evolutionary market segment with an expanding mix of vehicle types and competition.”

  Ranging from the pioneering Tesla Roadster to the incredible LaFerrari, electric power plays a significant role in creating contemporary sports cars quicker and more fuel efficient with hybrid and all-electric propulsion.  Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lamborghini, Mercedes, the Pagani Rimac (1080hp, 1180 ib-ft torque!) the list goes on.  Porsche will spend $1 billion to develop the Mission E, adding 1000 jobs to produce the 600 hp, 310 mile range, quick re-charging (80% in15 minutes), all electric sports car due in 2020. All the above, exotic? Yes.  Affordable? Depends. However, the tons-of-fun little commuter Renault Twizy comes in at slightly over 7k euros and the iconic Mustang hybrid also debuts in 2020.
 The discussions are over. With emission restrictions and fuel efficiency requirements, nearly every manufacturer will need to embrace the e-sports concept sooner or later…or risk being left in the dust.    

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