On November 15th, the Environmental Council of Rhode Island, ReNewable Now Network and Rhode Island College are holding a forum on the often contentious but vital issue of siting renewable energy projects in Rhode Island. market…
Recent Study Suggests Largest U.S. Companies Do Not Recognize Climate Change as a Financial Risk…

Business Side Of Green

Buying energy, conserving and integrating renewables is a challenge for us all.  Each piece of the puzzle is key to driving towards fixed costs and some energy independence.

That is why it is good to hear from our guest and expert today, Cullen Hay, GM, Direct Energy of Houston. Direct is a multi-dimensional energy company that we profiled previously on the TV side.  They service 17 US states and 5 Canadian provinces with over 5 million customers.  And they do it with a lot of smart technology and access to renewables.

Step by step during this interview, Cullen takes us through becoming really smart residential and commercial consumers–through controls, access to the right data, including use of Nest Thermostats, massive conservation efforts, buying right under long-term contracts and then layering in, with the right pricing and incentives, renewables.

Are you in a deregulated market?  If so, what does it mean to you?  How flexible is your grid on servicing your power needs?  Should you add battery storage?  Can you stay off the grid during peak times and save money?  If you don’t know the answers to these questions and much more, tune in to get really smart really quick on your current and future energy needs.

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