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Do we, as a society, empower future leaders or do young people of quality empower our future?  Who leads whom?  What is the heartbeat of change within a community?

Today, our guests, include Jason Dodier, Schneider Electric and David Almonte, Grant Thornton LLP as they introduce us to Fountain Head RI. Fountain Head is an eclectic and talented group of millennials, already very successful in their work.  Yet, they come together to build a better state.  Their goals are unselfish.  Their mission is to help set the stage for igniting a vibrant local economy.  Fountain Head is an idea on giving back and building a platform for today’s and tomorrow’s young leaders.

Very quickly, as you will learn here, they have impacted their community.  Through public service, public outreach, hosting large events and highlighting a conversation around transformation, sustainability, and creativity, Fountain Head’s is already being heard.  They articulate the need for good government, triple-bottom line business ethics, and dedication from us–people they hope, of quality.  Their world, like ours, encompasses historic levels of collaboration.  Their world is one built on hope, passion, encouragement, confidence, sharing, efficiency, clean energy and transparency.  With those attributes, who would not want to be in that room and part of Fountain Head.

The lessons shared here are for every community in every part of the world.  The ideas are timeless and cross all borders.  Engaging and bringing together amazing talent always bears fruit.  The seeds of change are right here on RNN and live at Fountain Head.

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