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This week I’m extremely proud to be talking with Monica Florville, CEO June Lite America.

June Lite is a company that considers the defense of nature and the ecological challenge as cross-cutting issues that include all fields of human activity. Very soon June Lite will assume its role as an educator that brings together all public and private players around a common goal: the responsible and sustainable development of an Africa conscious of its responsibility towards its ecosystem, its forests and its oceans for a better world at large. Reconciling economic imperatives and the harmonious development of civil society while valuing and perpetuating growth gains and always building are at the forefront of all we stand for.

June Lite believes in reciprocity in development and acts on this principle to bring civil society expertise to bear. They want to see their activities irrigate all fields of social life and for this reason they are investing and acting in a wide range of sectors: influence to support their ideas, energy development, new technologies, environmental protection, health, education, culture, the promotion of women’s rights, the democratic debate, the promotion of a new pan-African ecological order. We’re excited to learn even more about what they’re doing and how they’re making a difference.

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