Formula E, Sam Bird became the first driver to win an international motor race in New York, with a superb drive in the FIA Formula E Qualcomm New York City ePrix.
Surging heat may limit aircraft takeoffs globally, rising temperatures due to global warming will make it harder for many aircraft around the world to take off in coming decades.

Business Side Of Green

Driving during rush hour is not easy.  It is not fun.  We all end up with too much stress even before getting to work.  Then we fight to get home.  The highways we built last century to connect urban centers to suburbs became many days, roads of hell.

How do we change that?  Can we make transportation systems user-friendly?  It is ground we’ve covered in detail here at RNN.  It is the crux of our conversation here with Green Commuter’s Director of Corporate and Business Development, Barton Sidles.

Barton is an experienced investor and startup consultant.  He has spent years on the app development side.  How is that a fit to how people drive?  In fact, it is a great fit.

As you will learn getting people consolidated and in fewer cars is key to improving our rides.  Greening up that process, making it easy to vanpool, bringing the latest technology and equipment, in this case, Tesla Model X’s to the table speeds that improvement and gives us the tools to fully car share.

Green Commuter is in LA.  An urban nightmare for traffic.  What a great place to bring EVs to the market.  What a great place to put up to 7 people in a car going in the same direction morning and night.  What a wonderful seed site for then using that car during the day instead of letting it sit in a parking lot.  And what fertile ground for raising money and bringing innovation to consumers.

Are you going green with your choice of wheels?  You will be if your next car comes through the young team at Green Commuter.

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