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Boralex is one productive company.  In Canada and France, they are energy leaders in four categories:  wind, hydroelectric, thermal and solar.  Most very big, megawatts of power, projects.  Being really good in just one sector is hard enough.  Mastering four technologies are, to us, remarkable.

So, what makes them so good?  Why spaced from Canada to France?  Are those good countries to work in and generate energy?  And in the case of France, how quickly can Boralex help the country move away from nuclear power?

We asked this and much more from today’s guest, Julie Cusson, their Director of Public Affairs and Communications.  There is, of course, a lot going on behind the scenes at Boralex.  One of their key drivers is their ironclad core values–beliefs that cement 300 employees together.  Values in place for 72 years.  Integrity and a mission installed decades ago by their founder.  From there they build across the world.

Good lessons for us.  What are our core values?  Do we share those with others?  Do we share them with others?

There is a lot to think about in this interview.  Yet, Boralex’s prescription is quite simple–to become a leader in-country with an absolute dedication to social responsibility.  A passion to give back.  At the end of the day, this great company not only powers our lives while protecting the environment but carries a heavy burden of exemplifying the changing role of a good corporate citizen committed to positive change.

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