On November 15th, the Environmental Council of Rhode Island, ReNewable Now Network and Rhode Island College are holding a forum on the often contentious but vital issue of siting renewable energy projects in Rhode Island. market…
Recent Study Suggests Largest U.S. Companies Do Not Recognize Climate Change as a Financial Risk…

Profiles in Health and Wellness

Please enjoy this RNN’s Profiles in Health and Wellness featured guest Lizzy Calvino who is a Certified Reflexologist. Her practice is based on a strong belief in maintaining one’s mental, physical, and spiritual health to achieve optimal wellness and balance. Lizzy has always been involved in health and fitness and her desire to help others began as a quest for her own well being. She received personal benefits from holistic practices such as acupuncture, reflexology, yoga, meditation that were “life changing” for her. Lizzy decided she wanted to pursue an education in reflexology so she could share it’s healing blessings with others. “Reflexology seemed the perfect fit for me. I love hands on care.” She describes reflexology as stimulating reflex points on the foot. These points are links to all of the organs and systems of the body and stimulating them promotes healing, improves the body’s response to stress, and eliminates toxins from the body, Lizzy states that “Seventy-five percent of illness is due to stress.” She reports that a typical reflexology session is one hour long.

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