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Mother Nature has a best friend.  That best friend is Gina Murphy Darling of Mrs. Green’s World.  And here at RNN, we are lucky enough to call her our friend as well.

Mrs. Green, one of the cornerstones of the RNN radio programs, is celebrating 10 years of broadcast.  In that time she has marshaled a legion of supporters who are, every day, making a positive difference in the world.  Her passion, boundless energy, humor and pure love inspires listeners, guests, experts, leaders across the globe.  Mrs. Green walks unwaveringly into the bright lights of sustainability.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Mrs. Green.  In the studio, in the car driving between cities and shows, at events and on SKYPE exchanging ideas on forming an iron-clad consensus around mastering a resilient, green economy.  I listen to her shows and read her blog.  She teaches me and forces me to rethink much of life.  There is always practical, pragmatic advice on contributing to my community and my world.  She engulfs an audience and brings that audience to their own journey of transformation and triple-bottom line choices focused on quality of life.  Everyone counts in Mrs. Green’s World.  It is inclusive and leads us to bond around social and economic equity.

Her tag line:  “We don’t tell you what to think, we just want you to”.  In essence, open the doors for us and, on our own talent, to walk through.

Mrs. Green, as I have learned, is a very good business person.  Her show has grown in sponsors, advertisers, listeners.  Why is that important?  Because, of course, it is the essence of what we believe and promote here–that going green brings true success.   We get leaner, more efficient, shed costs, increase our asset base and benefit greatly from the growth in this changing, digital economy.  Like everything in life, she walks the talk of investing in green because, in today’s world, that is where true value lies.  She refuses to let anyone sit on the sidelines and miss this historic opportunity.

Ten years is a long time to be a champion.  It is a long road of cajoling a reluctant world into making better choices.  It can be a grind.  But, despite the challenges, look at Mrs. Green today–more vibrant, and alive than ever.  More resolute, smarter, harder working and articulate than when she started   She has not stepped down, not once.  She is climbing and she is taking us with her.  She is stirring a global fire of needed change.  Mrs. Green does not put limits on dreams, ambitions, goals, aspirations or hope.  Her love is equally shared with all.   Her love, like Mother Nature’s, is pure, refreshing, healthy and enduring.

God bless Mrs. Green as she carries a heavy environmental load for the next ten years with unsurpassed glee and job.  RNN celebrates her decade of amazing accomplishments, and look forward to the remarkable milestones she will speed through with us as we give back to Mother Nature and her beautiful, enduring planet.

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