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We breathe, we eat, we live.  Seems simple.  But, what do we eat?  What is the quality of our soil, fruits and vegetables, meats, and poultry?  And, do we show proper care for those animals?

Howard Waxman, today’s guest, is a writer, editor, project leader and he has closely studied food production and recently helped issue a 200-page report on Animal Welfare and the opportunities in the meat and other food categories.  As you might guess, the findings are pretty mixed. Some pretty ugly, including how we raise pigs.

Everyone of us has a huge stack in this issue.  We cannot stand by while animals are mistreated.  We cannot accept a food production system tainted by industrial standards to farm food.  Our systems do not want to be ingesting hormone shots, GMO-grown food, antibiotics designed to grow animals fatter or lost values around farming.  Sustainability starts with good health not just for the planet, but for us.  Our lives are intertwined with every aspect of food production.

Whether you are a vegetarian, flexitarian or in-between,  the condition of our soil, farms, animals, and food is critical to us and our families.  It is one of the foundations of the future we turn over to the next generation.  It is a challenge that we need to solve together.  Howard Waxman today gives us keen insight into the “as is”.  It is up to us what we do with the “will be”.

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